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Conversation King - by Rachel Davis
You Will Be Amazed By How Easy You Can Pickup Hot Women - Anywhere And Everywhere You Go - With Ease and Finesse Using Simple Words! Even If You Are Low-Paid, Ugly or Overweight! I’m telling you dudes, the answers are all here, and they can be easily learned in no time flat, so instead of spending your evenings home alone, or just hanging out with the “BUDS,” playing cards, video games and smashing beer cans on your foreheads till 2:00 a.m., YOU Could Be Making Time, Making Out, and Making Love... With The Most Gorgeous Little Piece Of “Action” Who Thinks You’re The Greatest Thing Since The Wonder Bra! Visit Website >>

Without Embarrassment - by Mike Pilinski
The Social Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System Learn how to harness the classic High Status Male Attitude in order to create states of instant attraction in any woman you please. (It's the 'guy equivalent' of a flat-chested girl getting a new set of D-cup implants!). Overcome the mental 'shame & shyness' blocks that hold you back from saying something -- anything -- enticing when you see a pretty girl. Become skilled at advanced psychological techniques that will compel any woman to respond to your advances favorably so that you don't get rejected and have to crawl back into your shell! Visit Website >>

Sexual Rapport Modeling - by Keanu J. Jagger
Demystified Body Language Secrets Of The Natural Seducers... The cutting edge, breakthrough charisma enhancing technology for using body language to sexually connect with women... to trigger the unconscious, instinctual responses that creates attraction in the woman you desire, no matter what you look like! Women say they want a “charismatic” or a “sexy” or a “funny” kind of guy. But what really makes someone “charismatic”, “sexy”, or “funny”? What makes someone successful in mastering the art of body language, becoming sexually satisfied, being popular with women, having their girlfriend or wife adore them? Learn Now! Visit Website >>

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